Stop asking if I went on vacation. It's just Bondi Sands Tanning Foam


The quest for the perfect fake tan has taken me many years. I have tried countless different brands, and I mean countless. Every time I think I have found the perfect one, months later, I find myself back in the suntan aisle.

For example, I used to swear by the Beauty By Earth Self Tanner:

It was just so easy. Its lotion consistency meant I could apply it in a rush without ever having to worry about streaks or spots. While I still recommend this one to anyone who is new to tanning, there came a time where I wanted a deeper, darker tan than this product could give me.

So, I turned to FakeBake:

FakeBake is best applied with a tanning mitt. And, when I say best applied, I mean don't apply it without one. The color in this bottle is incredible. It's a deep tan without any orange tones. I have turned many friends onto FakeBake. It's seriously that good. Only problem? I prefer to tan overnight, and this one has been known to leave brown splotches on my crisp white sheets. When I lived alone, I thought the color was worth it. Once I moved in with my boyfriend, however, I went looking for my next tanner.

Then, along came Isle of Paradise:

So, I actually had the opportunity to try both the Self Tanning Water and the Self Tanning Drops. The Self Tanning Water applies very similarly to FakeBake, except that it doesn't have a color guide. So, you really have to rub over every spot a couple of times just to be sure you don't miss any areas. The Self Tanning Drops, on the other hand, are great because you can add them to your daily moisturizer (more drops=darker tan.) For dry skin like mine, this felt like the holy grail. Since there's no color guide in either of these products, there's nothing to rub off onto my sheets, and I am able to get dressed right after applying.

But, I still wasn't happy. The color just was not right. Its slight orange undertones did no favors to compliment my complexion. So, the search continued.

Enter, Bondi Sands Dark Foam:

I was definitely intrigued by Bondi Sands after seeing a few influencer's insane before-and-after pictures. The color looked like a real summer tan-not one out of a bottle. I didn't pull the trigger, however, until I heard that Duane Reade had started selling their products. Immediately, I had to try it.

Bondi Sands makes quite a few different self-tanners, but I decided to go with their OG Self Tanning Foam in Dark.

What I love about this tan is the fact that it gives you options. Once you apply it, you can wash it off after an hour. But, if you want a longer-lasting tan, you can leave it on up to six hours. You can also apply another layer after thirty minutes to get an extra deep color. When I first applied it, I only left it on for about two hours, and it gave me a gorgeous tan that lasted about five days before naturally fading.

After applying, it takes a bit of time to dry. I waited around 15-20 minutes before getting dressed and it still left a few pinkish splotches on the inside of my robe. But, the color. The moment I rinsed off the guide, I was in love. It looked like I just came back from a Hawaii vacation.

I'm sure this won't be the end-all-be-all of my tanning products. It does take a while to dry, and I can't use it overnight without ruining my sheets. But, let me tell you, I will definitely be enjoying this color all winter long.

Hanna Leigh Williams 
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